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What Do You Know About Him?

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Oct. 14, 2013

“I’ve heard a lot of about that one guy, but I’m not really sure what he is all about.”  “Some people love him, while others hate him.”  “I’ve heard mixed reviews about him.” “He is a decent guy.  He seems like he cares about people.”  “He is a crazy guy with an inflated ego whose sole purpose is to make people feel bad about themselves.”  “I don’t really know what to think about him.”

It’s likely that at some point, we have all been in a situation where we have heard conflicting stories about someone we don’t know very well.  Sometimes, it leaves us confused about that particular person.  Other times, these conflicting stories impact our view and understanding of this person.  We might even decide to believe one account of the person over another for various reasons.  It’s also likely that later, once we have developed an opinion about the person in question, we realize that what we heard or decided to be true is, in fact, incorrect.  We might have been able to spend more time with the person and come to know their character.  Maybe at some point in your life, your own character has been inaccurately portrayed. 

The same thing happens to Christ everyday.  There are many people in this world who love him.  There are many others who hate him.  Many people have great things to say about him, while others have only horrible things to add.  All too often, believers and nonbelievers develop their understanding and knowledge of Christ through the sentiments of others.  This is dangerous and unfortunate.  I say it’s unfortunate because it’s not fair to Christ, who is perfect, and it’s not fair to you because you are missing out on every opportunity to know, understand, and come to love God in all his infinite mercy and wisdom.  It’s unfortunate because when we let other people form our understanding of Christ, it roadblocks us from having the type of personal relationship with him that we are called to have.  It’s prohibiting us from having a life-changing encounter with God. 

How do we come to have a relationship with Christ?  How do we come to know the real Christ, not the one portrayed by the unknowledgeable or prejudiced?  Spend time with him.  Get to know him intimately.  The nature of a relationship with God is no different than a relationship with your best friend.  It’s all about spending time with one another, talking to one another, and learning more and more about each other.

God has chosen to reveal himself to men through Sacred Scripture.  The word of God nourishes, strengthens, and grounds our relationship with God.  It gives us a solid foundation and a serious understanding of Christ which to have a relationship.  It’s impossible to have a relationship with someone you don’t know.  Through the Bible, “The Father who is in heaven comes lovingly to meet his children, and talks with them.”[1]  “And such is the force and power of the Word of God that it can serve the Church as her support and vigor and the children of the Church as strength for their faith, food for the soul, and a pure and lasting font of spiritual life.”[2]

So, get serious about your relationship with Christ.  Pick up the Bible and read it.  Start slowly, maybe five minutes every day.  Increase once you have developed a regular routine.  Whatever you do, just give yourself a serious chance to know the real Christ.  Find him.  Know him.  Love him.  You won’t be disappointed

[1] The Catechism of the Catholic Church, 104

[2] The Catechism of the Catholic Church, 131

About the Author

Jeremiah Doyle is a freelance writer for Newman Connection.