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The Triduum and Easter Season

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Apr. 02, 2015

As Catholics, we are about to enter into the holiest time of the liturgical year -  the Triduum and Easter season. We have spent the last 40 (or so) days of Lent preparing for this time of celebration. That said, we wanted to share with you some inspiration to finish strong in your preparations for Easter and then celebrate Catholic style! He is Risen! (Almost!)

On the Triduum:

Here is a great infographic explaining what to expect throughout these days that conclude Lent.

Pope Francis asked hard hitting questions here, motivating us to give it our all as we finish out Lent.

If you are looking for daily mediations to take you through these holiest of days, these will walk you through.




Easter! Alleluia!:

Here is a quick introduction as to why Easter is the most important feast of the year. No Easter, no reason to have faith.

Of course, Easter has many of its own traditions and customs. This explains the origin of Easter eggs.

Another reason to celebrate Easter? Apparently, it is a reason for the beginning of baseball season.  ;)


We all have our own family traditions to celebrate Easter, which makes this feast mean something unique to each of us. Below are some thoughts on what Easter means to students across the country:

“To me Easter signifies a tangible hope. The grass is greening, the sun is stronger, and the buds are appearing on the trees. In much the same way, Easter moves my heart toward joy. The risen Christ is a reality. Against the backdrop of a world coming out of winter, Easter brings me out of Lent and into the warmer sun of the Easter season.” -Lindsey Weishar, University of Illinois


“What does Easter mean to me? It means that Jesus Christ the Lord has conquered sin and death—more specifically, my sin, and there’s plenty there to conquer. It means that for not just one day but eight, and then again for another 42, we are to enjoy all our favorite things from Chocolate eggs filled with liquid sugar to PBR to watching more basketball. A pretty damn good deal, if you ask me.” -Isaac Huss, Minnesota State University


“Doing service projects in my community on Holy Thursday and Good Friday really has helped me to my understanding of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection into perspective. My friends and I would feed the homeless, visit the sick, and run Bible camps for local kids during the day, and then at night go to the Holy Week services. When the time came for the Easter Vigil, and we’d finished our week of work, the night would end in celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. We’d stay up all night celebrating with each other, and go home to our families on Easter morning very happy, but also quite exhausted. Having this experience has helped me to come face to face with Christ in other people, and to realize more and more each year just how marvelous a gift Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection is.” -Carolyn Mackenzie, University of Dallas


“These days, we know when Easter’s coming. We plan which Mass we’re going to go to, how we’re going to celebrate this holiday. But the day Jesus rose from the dead, the people who loved him and were grieving for him weren’t expecting the Resurrection. They were hiding away from the world (or were doing what they had to do to take care of Jesus’ body) - not anticipating the glorious new life God was to pull from death. It’s worth remembering that the first Easter was a surprise, and God will surprise us with new life too. Easter teaches me that even when I want to withdraw from the world in sadness, or must compel myself to do necessary, painful work, God is preparing something for me that’s better than anything I’d dare to imagine or ask for. God dreams bigger than I do, and will bring new life from even the worst case scenario, when I’m not expecting it.” -Ellie Kincaid, Washington University

Wishing you and yours a very joyful Easter season!