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Superior Superbowl Foods

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Jan. 29, 2015
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It is almost Super Bowl weekend, which means parties and lots of food. Growing up in a house of six brothers, I feel qualified to share with you Super Bowl delicacies that have proven to be perfect presenters year after year.

These tried and true Super Bowl treats are sure to make you a winner, regardless of your team affiliation, and will take your party to the next level due to their full flavor and hands-on approach.


1. Sloppy Joe Dip

Sloppy Joes are fantastic, and follow the tradition of finger-food for the Bowl. However, instead of slapping it between two buns, I suggest that you throw it on a plate with your favorite dipping chip and layer it like nachos (see below).  Or, even better, top it with some guacamole and salsa. 

 Sloppy Joe Dip

Find recipe here.


2. Twisted Wings

                                           Maybe wings are the king of football food?                                    [Image.]

What football party is complete without chicken wings? Simply stated, none. However, there is a much better version of this tradition than just your regular buffalo wing. Meet The Twisted Wing. Sweet, hot, tangy deliciousness - this is the king of the wings.



Chicken wings

Sweet buffalo wing sauce

Spicy buffalo wing sauce


To cook:

Fry your chicken wings. Mix the two sauces. Dip the wings in the combined sauce. Done and done.


3. Taquitos


Homemade or store bought, oven baked or deep-fried, there’s nothing quite like the joy that a taquito brings. Alongside the salsa and guac, I would also suggest a mixture of Tapatio hot sauce and sour cream as a deliciously creamy dipping sauce. 


4. Ribs 

                                                        Get in my belly!                                                                   [Image.]

Oven baked or barbecued is phenomenal, but a slow braised, smoked rack of ribs is a meal for real carnivores. There is no consideration here—only eating. On the assumption that your dorm isn’t very smoker friendly, here is a tried and true (and easy) oven baked recipe that will leave your mouth watering! 


5. The best for last…..

                                               Don’t be surprised if this dish steals the show.                                      [Image.]


The Bowl of Bacon

It’s that straight forward, folks. A bowl of bacon. There is nothing more to it, and it is always the most popular party food.


1 serving bowl

Bacon (For my parties, I usually end up doing about ½ lb. per person. Use at your own discretion.)


Hungry yet? Happy Superbowl partying!