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School Sisters of St. Francis Unite With Us In Prayer

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Sep. 12, 2012

Dear Friends in the Newman Connection,

The School Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis (Panhandle Franciscans) are united with you in prayer as you journey through these very important years of college and beyond. Our Franciscan community was founded in 1723 for the purposes of education and evangelization, so we are especially interested in those engaged in these pursuits!  As young Catholics on campus, you have a special role to play in bringing Christ to other young people.  Many university students are lost in the maze of politics, social issues, Church scandals, relativism, and liberal rhetoric.  It falls to you and those of who are actively engaged in the spiritual battle to bring the Gospel truth to confused and alienated souls.  That makes your association with the Newman Center very relevant! We pray that you are able to grow deeply in love with Christ and His Church. We also hope that you will grow in your relationship with Mary, His Mother, and allow her to teach you and love you, as well.  In this way, the Lord can use you for the work of His Kingdom.

We are a small Franciscan Community, but we are very involved in Catholic Schools, youth ministry, Faith Formation classes, retreats, camps, and the evangelization of youth and families. We have a special love for sacramental covenant marriage as God intended it, so we make known resources that help strengthen and repair marriages.  Christ in daily Eucharist, daily Adoration, and intimacy with Jesus is the food that sustains us and the Love that impels us. All of this we want to share with you through our ministry of prayer for you. 

We also have an annual weekend called the “Receive Love - Be Love” Come and See Retreat which will be held October 5-8, 2012.  It is for women (between the ages of 18-35) discerning the religious life. Retreaters will have the opportunity to pray with us in the Holy Mass, Adoration, the Divine Office, and the Rosary. Learn more about God’s Love for you and how He is calling you to show His Love in the world.  There is also time to visit with individual Sisters and to ask questions.  Maybe you or someone you know would welcome such an opportunity for an up close look at consecrated life. 

For more information about the retreat (including comments from past retreatants):

God bless you all!  We are united with you in prayer and we love you.

Your Sisters in Christ, The School Sisters of St. Francis
Panhandle, Texas