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Save Green This Halloween

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Oct. 20, 2014

College students aren’t known for living in the lap of luxury. Ramen noodles, student discounts, and cheap apartments are commonplace among those of us on a budget. So when Halloween comes around, how is a college student to partake in the celebration without investing in a new costume? Here are some tips my friends and I use for the craftiest costumes on a college spending cap. Try making your own ridiculous Halloween outfit or just try a look you’ve been curious to experiment with!

1)      Pop some tags at a thrift shop. Many college towns have a Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other stores that sell old clothing. Some of the outfits will seem straight out of 1967, or another planet. And they’re dirt cheap. You can easily create a wacky costumes out of old jackets or jumpsuits for under $10. And it’s an awesome weekend hangout event!

With inventory like this, the possibilities are endless!

2)      Hair Dye and hair styling are still cool. Ever been curious to see what you look like with a fauxhawk? Wanted to try a purple hair color without being totally judged? Halloween is the best time to try a new look without pressure. Go ahead and be bold – I’m considering dying my goatee green or yellow, just to see if I could pull off a Grinch impersonation.

3)      Pun costumes are the best costumes. One of my roommates dressed up as a ceiling fan his freshman year – he wore cheerleader attire and wrote “ceiling #1” on his back. In high school, I cut out the periodic table square for Iron and taped it to my knee. Irony, huh? Unfortunately nobody understood it because my friends weren’t as nerdy as I was. Pun costumes are cheap, witty, and guaranteed to get a mix of laughter and frustrated groans. They’re also a good way of spotting the coolest people in the crowd – the ones that understand the joke. If a person likes your pun costume, they’re meant to be your friend.


Win the punniest costume award at your next Halloween party! 

4)      Mix and match, break fashion rules, be your true self. You might have been told never to wear stripes with plaid. Or never to wear white after Labor Day. Or that the one sweater your aunt gave you with the purple one-eyed kitten is hideous and it should burn in a fire. Wear it. Maybe your dream outfit awaits you, or at least an adventure into unexplored fashion styles. This is the one time during the year where you can wear your own clothes the wrong way and get complimented – why wouldn’t you take advantage?

5)      Yes, you totally look like Emma Watson.  Or whatever celebrity people always tell you that you resemble. You may find that with a quick internet image search and a few pieces of fancy-looking clothing (easily accessible at a thrift shop or your family closet), you can pull off that celebrity look in its most perfected form. Or add some hilarity to your outfit to tell a story – with a few painted marks on your face, you can finally pull off the “Tom Cruise after losing a fight with an army of kittens” outfit!

Nailed it.

If you and a group of friends are looking for fun on a Halloween weekend, consider a themed costume party. Pick a theme with a lot of interpretation room like “Out of this world” or “people in the news” and see what kind of hilarity people create. No need for expensive themed costumes or tons of party supplies. Just a bunch of creative friends! Have a safe Halloween!

Now that you have a solid costume, you can focus on avoiding other Halloween disasters. You’re welcome.




Image Credits: 

Thrift Store via Flickr

Ceiling Fan via Warren D’Souza

Celebrity Look Alike via Christian Chat