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Myth Busters: Freshman Edition

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Apr. 23, 2015

I am in utter shock that my first year of college is almost over. They were not kidding when they said it would fly by. There are so many things I have learned this year in my studies and about myself but what the biggest shock to me is how wrong I was about what college would be like.

MYTH #1: Everyone parties all the time.

Whenever I thought of college I thought something like the music video of the song “I Love College”; lots of drugs, sex, and booze. I assumed it was a given that everyone abandoned their morals in college for this false notion of freedom. I expected the same ridiculous immaturity of high school to just be heightened. College always seemed like a continuation of high school, not a time for new growth.

Within the first month of college, I realized how incorrect my initial perception was. No one was forcing me to act in a certain way, no one was being anymore immature than in high school, and no one was binding me to what my high school experience had been. I found friends who encouraged me to be myself. They wanted the good for me and were working toward the good for themselves as well.

Not everyone was partying. In actuality, the people who were the most joyful were not. The choice was my own to make.

MYTH #2: Study what is most practical and will make the most money.

When I applied to college, I planned on studying Business and Theology. I have a love for studying Theology. It is what makes me passionate. I was planning on studying Business because everyone told me I should do something practical with my life (aka: something that would make money). The pressure to make the most possible money I could was dictating my decision of what to study.

When I got to college, I changed my major within the first few months. I am now studying Theology, Catechetics, and Communications with a concentration in multimedia. This is what I love. This is what makes me want to jump out of the bed in the morning. Money cannot make you jump out of the bed in the morning. In fact, money is not what will make the long nights of studying feel worth it either. All in all, my advice is study what you love and makes you feel alive.

MYTH #3: You cannot change from how you were in high school.

In high school, I was not really super excited with who I had become. I wanted to live differently than I was but did not really think it was possible. I had grown up with the same people for the past twelve years and didn’t think things could be different for me just because I moved away to college.

The university I attend is one that no one in my high school attended. I knew no one when I arrived. It was hard at first but turned out to be such a gift. This gave me the opportunity to live as I wanted to; to be myself without the past dictacting what mold I had to fit into. I didn’t have to hide anymore.

College is a time to let go of the past - to find yourself and to do what you love. I can say it is possible because I did it. I let go of my past to be who I am in the present. And, I could not be any happier than I am.