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Excuses. Excuses.

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Nov. 06, 2014

“Everyone parties in college.”

“I’ll go to church when I’m home.”

“I’ve just been too busy to pray.”

I’ve either used or heard all of these statments regarding one’s behavior. That youth group girl who used to go to Mass every Sunday is now a huge partier. Hey, that’s to be expected, right?


Not everyone drinks in college.  Not everyone goes to church either. That became clear to me when I told my roommate I was going to Mass and she asked, “Ooo la la! Who’s Matt?” 

Sometimes it’s hard being Catholic, especially at a public college. Going to Mass by myself is something I’m still getting used to. Sometimes it’s hard living out my faith, especially when it seems as if no one else is. Saying no when my friends invite me to a party is something that takes courage. Sometimes it’s even hard going to Mass. There’s always something else going on: why walk across campus when I can take a nap or hang with my friends? And sometimes it’s really hard to love God when so many other things get in the way. 

Managing your time is hard enough in college without having to remember to set aside time for God.  I can speak for myself when I say sometimes I am a hypocrite when it comes to my faith.  I always claim that God is my top priority, but I struggle with putting Him first and making time for Him.  Some weeks I am really good about praying and other weeks I make up excuses for why I did not spend more time with God. 

Some little things you can do:

- pray as you walk to classes

- download a Bible app with daily verses

- look into the Catholic centers around campus

- keep in touch with those who you shared your faith with back home (maybe even find a prayer buddy!)



Praying the Rosary on the way to class is totally doable!

An important thing to remember is that you are now in an environment with many diverse people.  Find time for your faith, but don’t shut out others who don’t share the common interest of Christ.  It is possible to have friends with beliefs unlike yours and still maintain your faith.  However, it is very important to find friends who will support you and lead you closer to Christ.  Looking into the Catholic centers around campus is a good place to start.

I had no idea how to get involved in a group on campus, and I’ll admit I was extremely nervous.  One night at Sunday Mass, they announced that Catholic campus ministry was having an event that Wednesday night.  So, I just showed up! A friendly girl introduced herself to me and showed me around the place.  I’ve been going ever since.  I think when it comes to our faith lives, we just have to dive in. Whether you’re trying to get involved with a group on campus or simply trying to better your prayer life, you just have to jump in and see what comes of it.

Just remember, you are not alone! Even when it feels like everyone is out at that party having a good time, not everyone is.  I guarantee there are other people just like you who choose to opt out of drinking and partying.  (I’m one of them!) As followers of Jesus Christ we have a call to action.  You will find people who are also aiming to answer God’s call.  Deuteronomy 31:6 says, “Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you.  He will not leave you or forsake you.”

Don’t worry, you’ve got this. 


Checking out your campus ministry is a great way to get support in practicing your faith!