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A Valentine's Day to Remember

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Feb. 13, 2015

Editor’s Note: All the pressure associated with Valentine’s Day can make for some pretty funny date stories. If you have suffered from an awful Valentine’s Day evening, you are definitely not alone. We have gathered a few from our team of writers to share with you.

Hope yours goes without any snags! 



“The Learning Curve”

by Blaise Hockel, Benedictine College


A few years ago, I went out on three dates with an Irish girl; she was utterly charming and quite good company. On our first date, we went out for dinner in San Francisco. She said she was adventurous and wanted to go out for Thai food.

She was half an hour late to the date, and, thinking she was texting one of her mates, had accidentally texted me a graphic description of an ingrown toenail she had. Mortified when she arrived, she hastily ordered some sushi (which is decidedly not Thai) that came smothered in wasabi, unbeknownst to her. When it came, she popped a roll in her mouth, realized it was heavily hot, and (involuntarily on her part) her mouth threw it out for relief. When relief didn’t come, she went to quickly drink some water, which she drank so quickly that it shot out of her nose and onto the rest of her sushi. 

When she came back from the bathroom, I asked her if she wanted to forget the food and just grab a drink, to which she happily agreed.

This unfortunate set of circumstances led me to select simplified dates. For our first Valentine’s Day together, I took my fiancé out to a Barnes and Noble with a fruit and cheese picnic. I made her pick out five books she loved that I did not know, and I did the same. Then, we sat by a window, supping on simple snacks, and taking turns reading to one another - free of “adventure” but still filled with contentment.



“Totally Forgotten”

by Joslyn Hatfield, Adrian College


My freshman year in college found me very excited to be celebrating my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend of five months. I had been planning my romantic gesture for longer than I’d care to admit, especially for a relationship so fresh. It involved a math problem whose solution was “I

When my boyfriend finally got back from baseball practice, I burst out, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” His blank and confused stare very clearly showed that Tommy had completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day.

To quickly save face, he gave me a romantic kiss and reach in his desk drawer, pulling out a box of chocolates. Unfortunately for him, I had seen him open a care package from his mom earlier in the week with those same chocolates in them, but I played along, pretending I didn’t know he had just given me re-gifted chocolate for Valentine’s Day. However, that became really hard when I opened them to find that one had already been eaten. Awkward.

Looking back, Tommy and I remember our first Valentine’s Day together and laugh. He, obviously, royally screwed up, and I definitely went a little overboard. However, we both agree that my “Type A” balances out his more laidback nature, keeping our relationship interesting and full of surprises.



“Avoiding the Question”

by Amelia Christ, Benedictine College

Back from break, a close girl friend of mine went to catch-up with a mutual guy friend. They’d been friends for nearly a year, and were just hanging out. However, she noticed he had seemed a little nervous and ended up buying her lunch, but she didn’t think much of it because he was a nice guy and would do that sort of thing from time to time.

When they got back on campus, they met up with our group of friends.

“Hey, man! How’d it go?” A buddy of the guy friend in question came up to our table: full of grins, laughs, and – “Your date. How was it?”

“You went on a date?! When? You didn’t tell me!” My friend laughed and turned to the guy friend, poised to get all the details on his crush.  Too late, she realized something odd in his silence. Yes, she was his date.

Thankfully, my friend and her “date” were easygoing enough to laugh the whole thing off. While a second date/“date”/whatever never happened, they remained friends. In fact, that awkwardness of their non-date made them more comfortable with each other, and in the end, better friends.