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20 Spring Fever Busters

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Apr. 07, 2015

I don’t know about you, but there is just something about spring that makes me feel cooped up if I have to spend any time inside at all. Throughout the winter cold, you would have found me inside, drinking hot chocolate and binge-watching whole seasons of TV shows on Netflix. But now it’s spring, and time to come out of hibernation. Here are some of my favorite ways to spend the most time outside as possible! 

1. The good old-fashioned picnic

Have each of your friends bring something to eat, and spread out a blanket on the lawn or in a park. Play music and bring games if you want to make a day out of it.

2. Have a barbecue

Ribs, burgers, steak, hot dogs… spring can mean more than flowers and fresh fruit! Why wait until the 4th of July to have a great barbecue when the weather’s fine for one now? My campus has a few grills scattered around the dorms, and people don’t use them often enough!

3. Hiking on nearby trails

Sites like this can show you where there are trails near you. Get out on the paths before it gets too hot outside! If you want to hike in the nicest weather, do your best to avoid the mid-afternoon heat.

4. Drive-in movies

Try this site to find a drive-in theatre close by. Pack all of your friends into your cars and bring some beach towels or blankets to lay out on the hoods of your cars. Don’t forget bug spray!

5. Organize a sports tournament

March Madness may be over, but the weather’s still great for a tournament challenge of your own! Make those pick-up basketball games or ulitmate frisbee games a bit more competitive and divide your friends into teams for a friendly bracket challenge.

6. Art Festivals

Check your city’s website for these events. Many local artists love a chance to display their work. It’s usually free to attend these festivals, and they make for a fun night with friends.

7. Visit your local farmers market

Get the freshest produce around by getting it straight from the farmer! Then, come home and cook a meal for everyone with the fresh food you buy!

8. Go to a baseball game

Some Major League teams sell nosebleed seats for as little as $13! Pack a cooler with some food and drinks for a tailgate beforehand to avoid the super-charged concessions in the parks.

9. Have a bubble blowing contest

Indulge in childhood memories. Buy bubbles in bulk and make a night out of it.

10. Study and tan at the same time

Instead of watching YouTube in one tab and writing an essay in the other, do your homework outside while getting a head start on your summer tan.

11. Invest in a hammock

Why not multi-task and nap and study at the same time? Get your hands on a hammock and swing back and forth between trees while reading for class, or while doing nothing at all!

12. Play sand volleyball

Many college campuses have at least one sand volleyball court. If you’re not so lucky, try a nearby park, or buy a cheap net from Wal-Mart and set it up on a nice lawn. Organize teams among your friends or even among your campus as a whole.

13. Have a camp fire

Make sure to check local fire restrictions first! If you’re good to go, pack some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for s’mores. Campfires are great, even as the weather’s warming up, because the smoke keeps those pesky mosquitoes away!

14. Go to an arboretum or city park

Bring your homework, bring a meal, or bring your friends. Enjoy the green grass and the budding trees!

15. Have a car wash

Use the nice weather as an excuse to do even the worst kinds of chores. You could even make it a fundraiser for a charity. This way, you stay cool and you help a good cause at the same time.

16. Fishing trip

Spend a relaxing spring day at a nearby pond or lake, fishing with friends! You could even take a dip if it’s warm enough. If your patience pays off, you may even catch your dinner!

17. Buy (or pick) flowers

Keep them in your room for the best kind of natural air freshener. Or, make then a gift and brighten someone’s day!

18. Go to an outdoor concert

Check the social media sites of your favorite bands to see when they’re touring near you. Or, check your local concert venues to find any acts performing! Even if you don’t know the band, find their songs on YouTube and get to know them a little before the show.

19. Go garage sale-ing

Spring is the biggest season for garage sales! Drive around neighborhoods with your friends and stop whenever things look interesting.

20. Eat outside whenever you can

It’s the simplest way to enjoy the spring, and completely free!

Whatever activity you choose to help you jump from winter to spring, go for it! What do you do to calm spring fever?