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The Institute is an on-line educational resource for anyone who is looking to learn about their catholic faith and anything they would need to know about the Catholic Religion.  We bring academia and theology together to answer questions like who am I?  Why am I here? What am I doing? Through providing on-line video courses comprised of a series of classes, we can deliver proper Catechisms at a high school level and above to help our students figure out these questions.

The institute gets back to the basics of where Cardinal Newman started, with a simple foundation to give students the ability to move forward with electives for gradual attainment to more complex information. Instead of the Institute guiding the students, the individuals taking our courses are guiding themselves.

There is extensive knowledge and information compiled in these classes, and you can start discerning God’s Call in your life, learning about what your mission is here on earth and understanding Cardinal Newman’s vision by signing up for one of our courses. Start earning your badges today and see what the institute has to offer. There is no cost to try a class, and you have the flexibility to take it at your own pace.