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Saint Michael de Sanctis

Saint Michael de Sanctis
  • Century: 16th & 17th Century
  • Patronage: Cancer Patients, Vic Catalonia
  • Feast Day: April 10th

St. Michael de Sanctis was born on September 29, 1591.  He is sometimes called Michael of the Saints.  He was a Discalced Trinitarian Priest from Vic, Catalonia.  He was born Miguel Argemir At the age of twelve, he went to Madrid and asked to be received into the Monastery of the Trinitarians there.  After a three-year Novitiate, he took his vows at the Order’s Monastery of St. Lambert, at Zaragoza in 1607.  

After meeting a Discalced Trinitarian Priest one day, he felt an overwhelming desire to become a Priest with their Order.  He felt drawn to that Congregations more austere lifestyle, and after much deliberation and with the permission of his superior, he entered the Congregation of the Discalced Trinitarians at Madrid.  After being ordained a Priest, two separate times he was elected as Superior of the Monastery at Valladolid, where he eventually died on April 10th, 1625 at the age of 33.  

St. Michael de Sanctis was noted for living a life of prayer and mortification.  He was devout in his love and reverence for the Holy Eucharist.  Those around him said that he had many ecstasies while saying Mass, during the Consecration.  He led the Monastery as Superior by example, living in holiness, often displaying heroic virtues of humility and prayer.  St. Michael de Sanctis was beatified by Pope Pius VI on May 24, 1779, and later canonized by Pope Pius IX on June 8, 1862.  His feast day is celebrated on April 10th.  In art and images he is usually depicted kneeling before an Altar where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed.  The municipality of St. Michael de Sanctis, Quebec, Canada, is named in his honor.  

Practical Take Away

St. Michael de Sanctis was a very spiritual young man, and as a young boy he met a Discalced Trinitarian Priest.  From that moment on he was drawn to that Order, because of their strong prayer life and austere lifestyle.  He was accepted into the order as a novice at the age of twelve, and three years later he was ordained a Priest.  He led a life of devout virtues, and was twice elected to the Order as their Superior.  He was said to have ecstasies while saying Mass, during the Consecration.