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Help a student find a home away from home

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The most critical time in a student’s university life is the first 3 weeks they step on campus.
New students typically are facing questions such as:

  • How will I meet people and make new friends?
  • What organizations should I join?
  • How will I handle life away from home?
  • Does the University have a Catholic presence?
  • What can I do to ensure that I’m on track?

Having been to over 150+ Newman Centers and hearing each one of them tell us stories about ways they try to reach out to the students during those 3 weeks, we understand how critical it is to the success of Catholic campus ministry to have a strong, national outreach program. is the most advanced Catholic social network on the internet and uses the latest in social networking technologies to connect students to the campus ministries even before they arrive on campus. Your support is needed!

Your donations go a long way

  • Helping a student find a home away from home
  • Finding comfort in knowing that they have a strong foundation and ministry on campus
  • Contributing to United In Prayer strengthening the Catholic Faith
  • Improving campus ministry programs
  • Spreading the Newman Connection message

Our ways of saying ‘Thanks’

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If you don’t have money to donate right now?  You can still help!



United in Prayer is a national network of Catholics praying together in Unity for the benefit of Newman Centers and Catholic Campus Ministries.  It is the platform on which our company was founded.  It is the very heart of our ministry, Cor Ad Cor Loquitur - Heart Speaks to Heart. 

Join and take the United In Prayer pledge.  By taking the pledge we ask that you make an effort to pray on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm and Sundays at 3:00 pm.  By uniting with us at these times your prayers reach far beyond just you.  All of those ‘in Unity’ receive a blessing from over 50 Newman Center priests nationwide!  If that’s not cool enough for you, all of those in Unity are also benefitting from 15+ religious orders who are praying for you around the clock, many times in perpetual adoration.  Where else can you go to get that?


Help us spread the word about United In Prayer.  We will ship you a bundle of UIP Prayer cards that we will ask you to give out.  You can place them in your parishes, give them to friends or wherever you choose.  It is the power of prayer that will help these young adults navigate their way through college and become the future leaders of our country.